Standards are what separate polished videos that boost image and profile, from the poorly constructed that make a shabby impression. What level of animation do we require? What look and feel models our company culture? For this reason, we sit with you and assess your requirements that will ensure we explore all options to deliver the best results.

Understanding and discovering the scope of the job at hand will give both you the client and ourselves the information required to make the investment in a well crafted video a success.

Further elements to think about include:

Is the video to showcase our core company image, or are we direct marketing a product or service where no background to the company is necessary?

Are we advertising directly to the audience through factual product or service marketing, or are we providing subliminal advertising through brand awareness?

Have I considered all methods of delivery such as TV, Website and social medias?

As experienced creatives, our jobs are to help you make the best decisions that bring your ideas to life. A well designed video will make a great impression – this is where Shoot Edit Video will add value.


Once having assessed your requirements, we move into the production phase. Production encompasses everything from scripting, organizing locations and crews, filming and editing, though to delivering the video to our client.

When producing a video, there are a number of elements that can be overlooked. If the organized shoot day for example turns unexpectedly from good weather to bad, we would have discussed a solution for this situation in the assessment stage. A shoot in a controlled environment such as a studio often provides more flexibility than a location shoot, where weather can turn unfavorable at short notice.


Shoot Edit Video provide a video marketing service that connects your video with customers through different channels. When we assess your requirements for video, we can understand what avenues best target your market. Social Media for example plays a huge role in generating traffic through the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Linked In. By uploading video content to Youtube, your business often lists higher in google searches having been optimized for search engines. Youtube exposure is one way. There are further strategic ways to generate more traffic, we want to see your business grow.

Speak to a consultant at Shoot Edit Video to take your business to the next level.